Prevent diseases: flu shot: yes or no? These are the advantages and disadvantages

by Redaktion 08 September 2017 at 09:10 a.m.

In contrast to a cold is with not to be fooled by a real flu. But a flu shot always makes sense and what side effects are associated with it?

Again and again there are real flu waves in certain regions of Germany. And they are far from harmless for everyone – especially for people with a poor physical condition.

That’s why many people ask themselves the question every year "Flu shot yes or no?" . Even experts give different answers to this question. In any case, some basic information makes the decision easier.

The difference between flu and cold

Many people still use the terms "cold" and "flu" for one and the same thing. There are some key differences between the two:

There can be many different pathogens behind a cold. By contrast, flu (influenza) viruses are responsible for "real" flu.

A cold usually starts slowly. First the nose starts to run, then there is hoarseness and so on. The flu, on the other hand, is rather violent and suddenly.

With normal colds, fever is rare, with flu, temperatures quickly reach over 38.5 ° Celsius.

Most of the time, flu lasts significantly longer than a cold.

However, it is not always easy to distinguish a cold from a flu. It is important, however, that the former is generally harmless, which is not necessarily the case with flu.


When a flu shot makes sense

While young and healthy people usually cope with flu well, this does not apply to other groups, especially for

With these risk groups, doctors largely agree that a flu shot makes sense. Others point out that people with a strong immune system are at risk of becoming infected people can explain why a flu shot is also generally useful for them.

The disadvantages of a flu shot

Side effects are possible, but hardly serious. Are you allergic to chicken egg white, but only certain preparations are possible.

Because flu viruses are true quick-change artists, the flu shot has to be repeated every year.

For the same reason, a flu shot is not 100 percent protection. If a new virus unexpectedly appears, the flu can still catch you.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether a flu shot makes sense in their case. You can hardly lose anything. If you work a lot with young children or the elderly, you shouldn’t dispense, so as not to be contagious to others.

But be careful: it takes time about 14 days until the vaccine works . Therefore, vaccination usually makes sense in autumn, October or November.


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