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Press article on the project week

School project was very well received – children with fun doing it
Unique experience with all senses
Arnbach Elementary School project dealt with paper writing books material and recycling.

For four days, the 72 elementary school students at Arnbach Elementary School each spent two hours in four groups on a different topic. The main project in the school year was about paper, writing, books and recycling and upcycling. Rector Ursula Butscher-Zahn describes the composition of the groups from all four primary school classes as meaningful and quite interesting, where the larger ones support the smaller ones. "The effort was worth it," said the rector. "The whole thing was so great that the project days in the college are reflected again and the intention is to firmly establish such days in the school year." The students themselves found the campaign "cool" and had a lot of fun doing it. Butscher-Zahn was supported by the teachers Monika Maischhofer, Silke Bredtmann, Susanne Illig and Julia Schwarz as well as by Reinhard Schmelzer, the waste consultant from the district office in Enzkreis and by the new citizen Dorrit Pape, who not only used stamps and ribbons with her craft work from Stampin´Up designed great cards with buttons for Father’s Day with the students. And since the children were always so great and had a lot of fun, the demonstrator spontaneously gave the school a “big shot machine” with which the students not only cut and shape, but also with many effects of artistic design let it run free. "It was a unique experience for all of the senses for the pupils," the school principal confirmed. In advance, the four groups of students sat down and came up with names for their groups. The “Chaos Group”, the “18 Scriptures” group, the “coolest group” and the “researchers” got to work. As shown on a blackboard in the entrance area of ​​the school, the groups put questions about the individual topics on a pin board. In a debriefing, according to Butscher-Zahn, it is then clarified whether all of the questions have now been answered by the “workshops”. The group members described the “museum area” as interesting with picture writings and hieroglyphs, brush– and printed matter, as well as old books, which the parents made available as a temporary “loan” for presentation. Curiosity aroused, among other things, a book about medieval initials, which comes from the Constance Council, an old Bible from Obernhausen from 1862 and an atlas that is older than the school built in 1912. The students found writing with an animal feather just as impressive as reusing paper. After a film about the production of paper, there was great interest in practical testing. Under the guidance of Reinhard Schmelzer, the students were enthusiastic about creating new paper from waste paper. In order to support reading, another film provided information on how a children’s book is created, from the idea to ordering and the fair to how to get a book. While each project day started with the singing of the project song, the project days ended with an impressive circus game with juggling and magic tricks by the Dutch group "Projecto Anagrama", which was themed: "Binding, sheets and writing" and the students present and kindergarten children with their parents and grandparents in the Arnbachhalle encouraged to participate.

Photos and text Jürgen Keller

Project week waste – waste prevention

In the first week of February, everything in the Arnbach primary school revolved around the subject of garbage.
Starting from amazement at the beauty of nature, questions arose how everyone can live so that the world is not destroyed and littered. Two songs accompanied the days: In the song A handful of earth the biblical story of creation is taken up with the order: To preserve this earth, to preserve what lives, God has commanded you and me because he loves his earth! The second song comes from the Indian tradition: Taino Tea – We sing for the earth, stones, plants, people and animals.
After starting together every morning, classes 1 to 4 were occupied with age and creative on the topic. Over the course of the week, all children were allowed to draw a new sheet from old paper with Mr. Schmelzer from the company ES Concepts and thus learned that waste paper is a valuable material and not simply waste.

Mrs. Uschi Billeter from Pforzheim visited the children of the third and fourth class. She tries to leave as little garbage as possible in her household. Ms. Billeter also showed a bag made from an old truck tarpaulin and seat belts as an example of a recycling product.
Another experience for the children of the first and second class as well as the preschoolers was the performance of a puppet theater with the raven Hugo by Ms. Hofmann. Empty cans and other things thrown away thoughtlessly also pose a danger to animals. And animals want to protect all children!
The third and fourth graders drove with their teachers and numerous parents to the waste sorting facility in the Enzkreis district in Ölbronn. The children were shocked that the rubbish is sorted by hand. The adults also learned a lot and expressed their intention, just like the children, to want to create less waste in the future and to separate it better.

Over the course of the week, the rap song specially created for this week was sung eagerly:

Rubbish rap (rights: Ursula Butscher-Zahn 2016)
Hey guys, what’s up with the garbage in A-Arnbach?
Everyone is asking: what is garbage? What is garbage? What is garbage?
Everyone asks: "Are you doing garbage? Are you garbage Are you doing garbage? "
"I don’t know, I’ve never – thought, thought!"
a) Then let’s start this week – get fit for the subject of garbage.
b) We are fit after this week – we are fit on the subject of garbage!

Children’s book author TINO in the GS Arnbach

Reading is nice – but experiencing someone who writes books is fascinating. The children of the primary school in Arnbach experienced this last Friday on the nationwide reading day. Equipped with suitcases, clothes, treasure chest and many other things, he took the children into the world of his books.

Classes 1 and 2 learned, again Elephant comes into the classroom and the adults traveled to India in their imaginations. Tino can not only write and act, but also draw and so a fantasy animal was created on the board with the children’s ideas.

You can borrow your books from the Neuenbürg city library and primary school. This reading was financed by the Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, the Jakob + Rosa Esslinger Foundation and the support association of the Arnbach primary school. Many thanks to the donors for the unforgettable morning!

"How does the apple actually get into the glass as juice?"

From a Friday afternoon, when the weather was fine, class 1 of the Arnbach primary school met with Mr. Dengler and his team from the fruit and gardening association Arnbach in the “Green Classroom” on the property of the OGV.

The three volunteers first explained to the children that the apples had to be inspected for defective areas before being juiced and, if necessary, cut out. The children then washed the apples with dedication. The fruits then came to the apple mill, where they were spun using a lot of muscle and sweat. The resulting apple mash was then filled into the new stainless steel fruit press lined with a cloth. On top of that came the press washers and several compensating timbers. Not to be forgotten was of course a receptacle for the apple juice at the press outlet and off we went. With the help of a hydraulic press, the children alternately operated the ratchet and pressed the mash together bit by bit. The reward for the effort was wonderful, fresh, naturally cloudy apple juice, which the diligent 6-year-old drank afterwards with great devotion. Homemade apple juice is something completely different from "just" bought from the supermarket.

With a heartfelt thank you to the 3 OGV students for their commitment and patience, the children said goodbye with their teacher and the helping companions

September 2015: Why are you all here? We want to go to school!

In September 2015, 14 new first graders were enrolled at the Arnbach primary school in glorious sunshine.

First of all, the “newcomers” came to the Arnbach church with their families to ask for God’s blessing to start school. The team of the Kindergarden Zwergennest and Pastor Manz organized the service very lovingly, as always. Under the motto "We are getting bigger and bigger, every day a bit", they followed the children’s life path so far and wished them all the best for the new section in school.

Then we went to the Arnbachhalle, where the second, third and fourth graders were already waiting to greet the first graders with songs and the play "The children and the big cloth". In her welcoming speech, Rector Ursula Butscher-Zahn not only introduced the new pupils to the Arnbach parents, but also two new teachers, Ms. Huber and Ms. Grub, who will be teaching in Arnbach from this school year.

Finally, the ABC shooters started with their teacher in the classroom while their families strengthened themselves with pretzels, muffins and drinks in the school yard. The parents of the third graders had taken care of the good food as usual.
A successful start to school, which I hope will continue to be so enjoyable for all children.


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