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101. The character traits associated with your constellation apply to you?
I really had to google that and go a little longer. I am of the Libra zodiac sign and knew roughly the direction, but if I answer it here, then that should be correct. So I took a look at Horoscope Paradise and came across this information:

Basically, scales want nothing but peace and harmony. The Libra’s charming and diplomatic manner lets the agent play so many times, but she often gets caught between the fronts. Her ability to bring harmony into everyday life often manifests itself in an artistic activity and the fear of confrontation. The finer things in life seem to be made for Libra. It is no coincidence that so many scales deal with art, fashion and luxury items. Weighing scales pose no problems, yes, it is a pleasure to bring a little style and elegance into your everyday life.

The typical Libra is friendly and neat, but difficult to please. If she expresses criticism, then always with a smile on her face. Venus gives the Libra its natural friendliness, which is not always correctly interpreted by other people. Therefore, the following applies to all scales: train your elbows and assert yourself more often! Another characteristic of the Libra is its pronounced sense of fairness and justice. This is also the reason why the scale takes a lot of time for important decisions. She would like to rethink everything in peace and maybe a few more opinions seek. Most of the time this tactic is quite successful, but sometimes it doesn’t get anywhere and it seems very undecided. It is not always possible to please everyone. The scales do not like the rugged saying no, they always include a “maybe” or “possibly” in a rejection. However, this can lead to misunderstandings, because not everyone understands such a subtle rejection and often the Libra, with its diplomatic nature, unintentionally stirs up false hopes.

Yes, I’m addicted to harmony, but art? No, that’s not really mine. Luxury items? Well, I like beautiful things, but if I should classify luxury, then I don’t want the Porsche but the seven-seat family carriage of a not so expensive car brand. So am I hard to please? Well, there is always room for improvement &# 128521;

So is it not the case that the sign of the zodiac is kept quite general in order to hit a broad mass? Schnuppi definitely sees the whole thing much more pragmatically:

K1 is not so spiritual, she tends to count at face value.

102. What color dominates in your closet?
Black and blue pants. Purple, blue, white, black tops. I think blue and purple are the most common. In general, however, it is quite a good mix. What color you don’t find in me is yellow because it just doesn’t match my hair.

103. Get everything out of one day?
What does it mean to get everything out? Do as much as possible or enjoy as much as possible? I find both important and so the days are just very different. There are days when I just have to get something out of the way. And there are days when there is time to rest, to hang out – and yes, this is also a day from which I can get everything out – everything for relaxation!

104. How many TV series do you watch regularly??
Well, we like to watch the thrillers on ARD and ZDF and I’m also a Lindenstrasse fan from the very beginning. Generally I like to run soap operas while ironing, cleaning etc. pp. But only when I’m alone &# 128521;

105. In what way do you want to stay child forever?
I would like to preserve the childish curiosity. Curiosity and interest in new and new things to learn, to experience, to discover.

106. Can you do one week do without the internet?

107. Who knows you best?
Good question. Hard question. Do I even know myself correctly? I would then have to ask all these questions? &# 128521;

108. What is the most boring job in the household?
/ -DO vacuuming

109. Are you sometimes disappointed by others??
Yes, unfortunately I quickly feel personally met, as if someone would do it because I am not important (enough) to the person or that person does not like me.

110. What is an ideal day off for you??
Sleep in, read, cuddle, delicious food.

111. Are you proud of yourself?
Sometimes, yes.

112. What useless talent do you have?
Is there such a thing? You can’t use every talent in a suitable way?

113. Is there something in your life that you have not properly completed?
My children’s photo albums … * sigh *

114. Why do you drink alcohol or no alcohol?
For me, alcohol is a pure luxury and is therefore only consumed in moderation here.

115. What things make you happy?
Time with my family and when my loved ones are doing well

116. Did you ever look for the clouds in the sky today??
Yes! Anyway with my kids all the time &# 128578;

117. Which word do you say too often?

118. Do you like to be the center of attention?
So generally no. On the day of my wedding, for example, I really enjoyed it.

119. What should you take your time for more often?

120. Are humans good by nature?
People are selfish by nature and being selfish is not a good thing. So no.

This would make the first 20 to the next 100 … in this sense, soon at this point!

Dear greetings
Your questioned Schnuppismama

You can find all (previously published) parts of this series here.


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