Reading circle Brabandt Shop – rent magazines instead of buying them

We have about 200 magazines from which you can compile your reading folder as you wish. Rent magazines and save up to 70% on the retail price. Lesezirkel Brabandt provides its readers throughout Germany with a free delivery and pick-up service.

We have expanded our online service for the reading circle. From now on you can forward address changes, vacation times or package changes conveniently online to us. Details and the online service can be found on the service page.

“With our reading circle we offer our customers several advantages. On the one hand, passing them on protects the environment, and on the other we can offer the magazines at a lower price than a kiosk. In addition, we deliver the magazines home free of charge”. Reiner Brabandt, Managing Director

GEO Calendar 2020

Every year GEO beautifies our living room. How does GEO do it, you ask yourself? Quite simply, with the wonderful calendars. GEO is known for its expressive and beautiful photographs. And exactly these are also in the calendar.

The GEO calendars are available in different formats and on different topics. For those of you who want to break new ground, we recommend the calendar called “Dreampaths”.

Celebrate with – 70 years reading circle Branbandt

The reading circle company Brabandt LZ plus Media GmbH was founded in 1945 by Kurt Brabandt in Aalen under the name “Süddeutsche Anzeigenexpedition und Werbeagentur”. For over 70 years the name Brabandt stands now for a special service for magazine readers and for 25 years also in the new Lands of the Federal Republic.

Today, the Brabandt Reading Circle supplies more than 13,500 customers with magazines for individual reading pleasure in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Celebrate with us and secure one of our anniversary offers with great reading pleasure.

No contractual obligation with our reading kits.

In our magazine shop you can get your magazine subscription even without a contract! You can start the reading circle service at any time you like and cancel your subscription in writing with a period of 4 weeks to the end of the month. Enjoy a reading pleasure without a binding contract!

We deliver free of charge to your home anywhere in Germany.

“I can recommend the Brabandt Reading Circle service, range of magazines and prices to any restaurateur. I wouldn’t want to miss the LZ anymore.” Timo Wiedmann, Dresden

“The reading circle is highly recommended for professionals, the magazines are very cheap and are always delivered on time.” Katja Lindner, Rostock

“I think the Reading Circle offer is great and can only recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.” Carsten Fedder, Würzburg

Environmental protection is very important to us.

We are very actively involved in environmental protection already through the basic principle, the “passing on” of the magazines. By renting the magazines, less waste paper is produced. The paper that accumulates is disposed of professionally by us. Thus the paper is again added to the recycling cycle and is available for further products.

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