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Found for you: The emergency bracelet. The colourful lifesaver from DJUVA.

Accidents or sudden illnesses are often unpredictable and can affect any of us. In addition to first aid equipment, there is now also a wristband which increases the safety of hikers and long distance hikers – the DJUVA emergency wristband. It is especially recommendable if you are alone in the mountains.

A contribution by Nadine Lauritsch

Not only for athletes, but also for people with heart problems, blood pressure problems, diabetes, epilepsy or similar illnesses, the bracelet can be a life-saving accessory. First-aiders are familiarized at a glance with the relevant information of the affected person about possible diseases, allergies or medication and can thus provide the right initial care. When the rescue personnel arrives, treatment can begin immediately and provide the emergency personnel with life-saving information, such as penicillin allergy, diabetes or blood disease. The bracelet is however only of advantage for the hiker, it is worn daily.

Of course, the emergency wristband does not guarantee that everything will always go well during a hike, but the right hiking equipment can be a decisive advantage in an emergency – especially in the mountains.

If you are wondering what you should engrave on the bracelet in order to be equipped for a long hike in case of emergencies, then I have a few suggestions for you:

The bracelet should inform about the name and the date of birth, to the clear and fast >home town and/or the homeland of the hiker of the advantage. In order to be able to inform relatives as quickly as possible and to guarantee effective further treatment, the contact data of relatives should also be engraved on the stainless steel plate. And of course the most important thing should not be missing: The medical information . You can also have your favourite hiking quote engraved.

Materials and Design

The bracelet is available in 10 colours: red, purple, dark and light blue, dark and light green, orange, grey, white and black. The emergency bracelet is made of anti-allergenic medical silicone and the ID plate is made of stainless steel – especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The hollowed out shape of the bracelet ensures maximum wearing comfort to make long distance hiking as pleasant as possible. It is also easy to wash off and very easy to put on thanks to the elastic silicone.


The emergency wristbands are available in three versions: Rush, Stream and Beat. The first model “Rush” is only suitable for children, because it has a narrower silicone strap and is a little lighter with 8 grams. Long distance hiking with children is becoming an increasingly popular part of leisure activities and so even the “little hikers” are prepared for emergencies. The Stream and Beat models have a slightly larger range and are therefore perfect for adults. Beat also has an individually adjustable closure.

Safe long-distance hiking and helping others on top

For every bracelet sold, 1 euro is donated to the research department of the cardiovascular association “Hjerteforeningen” in Denmark. A cooperation with Mc Donalds Kinderhilfe and the German aid organisation “Ein Herz für Kinder” is still in the planning stage.

Caution and common sense have already made many mountaineers look as old as the hills.

Additional information and where to buy the DJUVA bracelet can be found here.

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