Sarah Connor in a slashed swimsuit – your fans are thrilled – "Rattenscharf", Stars

On the beach of Tel Aviv

Sarah Connor in a slashed swimsuit – your fans are thrilled – “Rattenscharf” (hot as a rat)

Updated: 19.10.19 13:14

Sarah Connor’s new tour starts in about three weeks. The singer will heat her fans up with a revealing swimsuit photo on Instagram. The reaction of her followers: “How gross do you look?”

Update from October 6, 2019: “Alter Falter!”, “damn sexy”, “rat sharp”, or “Hottest Girl”: These and countless comments in this direction can be found under the current Instagram post of Sarah Connor. The singer presents herself on a photo in a scarcely-cut, black swimsuit, which shows a lot of skin through its stripes at the décolleté and hips. The hole look causes storms of enthusiasm among her fans. “How blatant do you look?” or “What an outfit. blatant, blatant”, write the fans. Many of his colleagues can only join him. A full 1,199 comments (as of 6 October, 9:38 a.m.) can already be read under the snapshot.

A post shared by Sarah Connor (@sarahconnor) on Oct 4, 2019 at 11:44 PDT

The 39-year-old wants to heat up her fans for the upcoming tour. “Kisses from Tel Aviv! Still 20 DAYS to TOURSTART . ARE U READY. “the singer wants to know from her followers. On 25 October 2019 the tour for her current album “Herz Kraft Werke” will start.

Sarah Connor: Fans react slipperily to bathtub photo

Our original message from September 11, 2019: Munich – Sarah Connor posts a picture of herself on Instagram, which shows her in the bathtub, around her nothing but foam. Although she can’t be seen in the picture, the 39-year-old is bathing together with her daughter – and a lot of foam. To the picture she writes: “Sometimes it only takes 20 sneak horses and a little foam! What do you need to be happy?” and adds the hashtags “Phini and I” to her mail “Phini exaggerates a bit with the bubbles, I think”. The foam landscape is therefore probably not up to Sarah’s tricks – but the singer also seems to share the childlike enthusiasm and smiles happily into the camera.

Sarah Connor in the bathtub: her fans love the picture

Fans love the picture – and countless users share their own experiences with the “Schleich animals”, the popular children’s toy animals made of hard rubber. And it’s not only Sarah Connor who seems to feel happy when she takes a full bath: The answers to the question “What do you need to be happy?” include a bathtub and – of course – foam at the top. But there is also much appreciation for the singer in the comments. A few answer “you” or “your music”. The 39-year-old mum should be happy about that.

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