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The herding dog

an intelligent, highly sensitive companion

Sensitive, subtle and hyperintelligent – our herding dogs. They like to hunt, bark and are at home a heart and a soul why? We have many years of experience in this field and are happy to help you.

Hunting dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie as well as herding dog mixtures etc. are becoming more and more fashionable. The good-looking and eager to learn sports talents are very popular with film and television. They are usually described as fond of children, easy to educate family dogs, the ideal leisure partner and constant companion.

But soon the perfect family dog turns out to be a real problem child. His main passion is herding, often everything that moves, cyclists, joggers, children, other dogs up to raindrops and cars and every now and then the furry beauty leaves a business card in the form of a tooth imprint on the calf of the unpleasant cyclist.

Even with a good portion of territorial behavior, many a family visit has to struggle. The children of “his” family are taken to heart by a herding dog, all other children usually belong to the category “strangers”.

Why is it that the family dream herding dog so often bursts and becomes a real family problem?

Usually it is because these highly sensitive dogs are mercilessly overtaxed in young months and are flooded with stimuli. Completely overexcited, the herding dog tends to jump over and looks for a substitute action as a valve e.g. to hunt joggers and cyclists. Often the wrong training methods give the family dog the rest. Stamped as dominant-aggressive, he is maltreated with halti, choke & spray collar, throw chain and the same.

Apart from the fact that these methods do not deserve a dog’s soul, it is for the sensitive little herding dog the downfall.

We cannot conjure away breed-specific characteristics from your herding dog, but we can show you how to handle them sensibly. We can promote and occupy your dog from puppy legs on in a meaningful way instead of overtaxing him. For a trusting togetherness and not against each other.

A herding dog is not a family tyrant, he only has one thing in mind: to do everything right and to please the person he has given his big heart to.

Together with you we would like to get a little closer to the family dream of a herding dog or form the basis for it from the very beginning.

If you are thinking about buying a breed of hats as a companion, we ask you to inform yourself carefully. We are happy to help you with words and deeds.

A herding dog is not a follower, but a real task and challenge for every dog owner. Anyone who appreciates the highly sensitive dogs and knows how to educate and promote them with a loving hand will find a trustworthy partner in the herding dog and will enjoy him very much.

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