Star wars: no fan understands these 13 mistakes

13 story gaps in Star Wars that are more destructive than the Death Star

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It has been 41 years since the first chapter of the “Star Wars” saga was released in cinemas. Forty one Years. Enough time to incorporate a lot of logic errors into a film series that not only houses an empire, but is now itself one.

Eight episodes, two "Star Wars Stories", several series: George Lucas and his creative buddies hadn’t been lazy since the seventies. However, when writing the epic stories about Skywalkers, Kenobis and Co., the authors unfortunately went through logic one or two times over the decades.

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In the still unfinished saga from a distant universe, a few mistakes have crept in, which have a more or less dramatic effect on the context of the story. It’s best to decide for yourself.

Chapter 1:
Come on, we play hide and seek –
but please don’t bother!

Fortunately, Vader is a hide-and-seek loser

Let’s start at the very beginning: «Episode IV – A New Hope», which was then known as the «Star Wars» and was the first, not the fourth, part of a story until the late 1990s. But then came the controversial prequels – which caused a huge logic error to suddenly appear in Episode IV.

Our hero, good Luke Skywalker, lives with his uncle and aunt on the desert planet Tatooine. At the beginning we do not know that he is the offspring of the ultra-evil Darth Vader, who once made the galaxy (un) safe as Anakin Skywalker. In the prequels experience we then see how Anakin becomes Vader, and at the end of Episode III Anakin not only loses his wife Padmé, but – as far as he knows, informed by the Emperor – also his unborn offspring. And that’s where the problem begins. Strictly speaking, several.

Let’s assume that at the beginning of Episode IV, Vader has no idea that his child has not only survived, but that there are two – twins. Somehow he finds out until the end of Episode V, and the graphic novels explain how: Bounty Hunter Boba Fett finds out Luke’s full name and tells Vader. And because "Skywalker" is apparently not the most common surname in the galaxy, Vader automatically concludes that his child must have survived. And there we have the salad!

Why the hell was Luke in the most obvious place in the universe hidden from his evil father in particular and the dark side in general? On Tatooine – Anakin’s birth planet? In the house of Lars – the house where Anakin’s mother lived before she died? And then also with the last name Skywalker? All this while Leia got the adopted name Organa and was shipped to Alderaan. She was lucky!

Ben Kenobi was the whole time Obi Wan Kenobi? WHAT?

To top it all off, Obi-Wan Kenobi, in order to "protect" Luke from Vader, also slipped into the absolutely impenetrable pseudonym "Ben Kenobi" and pulled what felt like 100 meters away from the Lars’. Even if Vader had no idea that his child (s) was alive, he might have felt like finding his ex-master at some point. And lo and behold, a few steps further he would have stumbled across his son. Upsi. Obi-Wan-Ben did such trouble given.

Chapter 2:
Why easy if it is
also totally difficult?

Luckily, Darth Vader and his sinister friends are not exactly known for making things particularly easy for themselves: from «Rogue One» to «Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi», the empire actually lays down every stone in the way it grabs. Here are just a few examples:

Vader loves hunting

"Rogue One": While Leia’s ship, the Tantive IV, leaves the battle over Scarif at the end of the film to escape with the plans for the Death Star that have just been captured, Darth Vader simply watches the ship aboard his cruiser. His star destroyer could have eliminated the Tantive IV with just a few shots, so that Vader and his stormtroopers would not have had to board the Tantive IV in the last scene of "Rogue One" and the first of Episode IV. Why is he bothering? Because he’s hunting.

Vader loves hunting really

If there is one thing that “the bad guys” seem to like, it is: chases! The more senseless the better. And by that we don’t just mean the controversial hunt in "Episode VIII – The Last Jedi", in which the first order backs up the resistance hour by hour through half the galaxy, instead of cutting it short and painlessly by hyperspring. No, another chase – or something that could have become one – gives us a headache:

At the end of Episode V, Luke, Han and Co. narrowly escape the empire from the cloud city and can only finally get to safety when R2-D2 repairs the falcon’s hyperdrive, which was previously deactivated by imperial mechatronics on Vader’s command was. But why did Vader just override the millennium falcon’s hyperdrive instead of destroying the ship as a whole? So the Skywalker gang was able to escape – slowly, but at least. With a flightless ship, they would have been caught in the cloud city at least until they had hijacked another one. So why does Vader always offer his enemies the chance to escape? He is on the thrill of persecution?

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And since we’re at “Thrill”, we all vividly remember the exciting scene in Episode IV, when the Death Star crawled around the planet Yavin towards the moon Yavin IV and the rebel base located on it. Agonizingly long minutes pass during which the rebels – or rather: Luke – manage to destroy the Death Star thanks to its design flaw.

But why don’t the death star – whose function is the destruction of entire planets – not just shoot Yavin out of the way and also eliminate the moon with a second targeted shot? Because the story would not be as gripping (and the rebels would be blown away), of course. But that’s not entirely logical.

Silent mail via USB

Not only can the hunter get on the adrenaline rush – in some cases, the hunted also seems to find it quite good. How else would you explain that the plans for the Death Star – which in “Rogue One” by the way are transmitted via Bluetooth, NFC or any other contactless transmission technology from the tower on Scarif to the rebel ship – as it were via USB stick being dragged through the galaxy, first by Leia, then R2-D2, followed by countless empires trying to get the plans back?

In this world of almost limitless technological possibilities, there has to be something like email. If Leia hadn’t received the death star plans via email, WhatsApp or similar. to the rebel chiefs instead of entrusting them to a droid on an enemy-taken ship? Or had she used up her data volume for the month? Or is there bad reception in space? However, when you consider that there was constant hologram communication in the prequels, it is hard to believe that a simple holographic representation of the Death Star could not have been sent to the other end of the universe with just one click.

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Qui-Gons gambling addiction

Let’s jump to Episode I – a film that was a thorn in the side of many fans from the start. And in a way, we can understand that, because the entire story surrounding Anakin’s podracing challenge on Tatooine is completely redundant.

It is thanks to Qui-Gon’s obvious gambling addiction that Anakin competes in the Boonta-Eve Classic race at all. Yes, that’s right: Or how else do you explain that after unsuccessfully trying to buy dealer Watto an urgently needed hyperdrive with the help of Republican credits, Qui-Gon makes a bet with the dodgy guy – the success of which comes solely from a small one , cheeky guy depends?

Qui-Gon could simply have exchanged his credits for the usual currency, or – which he also seemed to have liked a lot – could have looked for a game of chance in which his Jedi powers would have quickly earned him a lot of money. Instead, the entire Naboo troop hangs around on the desert planet for days, and while Qui-Gon and Co. pass the time at least during the pod race, Obi-Wan and the rest of the gang are literally tied to the spaceship. Snore. Qui-Gon certainly found Anakin so fascinating that he really wanted to spend some time with him (and ultimately wanted to get him out of his mother’s loving hands), but it wouldn’t have been possible without the boy’s life in a mad race take risk?

Chapter 3:
Urgently wanted: one
little pinch of distrust

Caution! What sounds paradoxical is true: Nobody is as good-faith as imperial troops. They still believe in the good and honest in people.

"Rogue One" and the trustworthy traitor

Galactic architect Galen Erso, who secretly built the crucial flaw in the Death Star’s construction plan, is exposed as a traitor to the empire. No imperialist with even a brain cell would then trust his work. But what is the empire doing? Of course, uses his plan to build a Death Star anyway – and falls neatly in consequence IV in consequence. Why was Erso’s plans not checked by a trustworthy architect instead of putting them into action right away?

3. 2. 1. boom.

Episode IV and the lifeless escape pod

The same plans escape inside the droid R2-D2, who with his buddy C-3PO escapes from the Tantive IV in a rescue capsule. The empire scans the capsule for life forms and comes to the conclusion: there is no human or alien on board. In a world in which every second being feels not a brain, but a hard disk in the head, not a single soldier really came up with the idea of ​​simply shooting down the capsule for safety – after the plans for the Death Star finally just arrived miraculously Aboard the Tantive IV were gone?

Episode IV and the Trojan Horse

Okay, Imperial troops are obviously not the brightest. In the course of the film, however, they did not even learn from the mistake just mentioned (which they quickly noticed), but became even more hollow: When the Millennium Falcon is caught by the Death Star’s tractor beam and pulled into its hangar, the Imperials no longer even scan according to life forms, especially simply conclude from any log data that the ship is empty. Luke, Han, Chewie and Obi-Wan can then withdraw their Trojan horse number by hiding in the hold. Phew. Let’s hope that they were all fired galactically as a result.

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Chapter 4:
Wow where did you
learned that?

It’s no secret that in the world of "Star Wars" there are some individuals who are simply more talented and powerful from the start – keywords: Anakin, Luke, Rey. However, while everything at Anakin is done somewhat according to the good old Jedi study plan (he becomes Obi-Wans Padawan, then Jedi-Knight – he never makes it to the official master), Luke and Rey are a bit different.

Sure, after the fall of the republic and the end of the Jedi Order, it was already clear that the Jedi offspring would no longer receive proper training. How quickly Luke and Rey nevertheless become absolute ultra masters of power in the context is not so all comprehensible.

Luke, the quick apprentice

If we look at the timeline of Episode V, one thing seems clear: while Han, Leia and Chewie make their way to the cloud city to visit Han’s "old friend" Lando, Luke ventures to Dagobah, where he meets Yoda and then completed a kind of Jedi crash course. However, if you keep the scenes in the cloud city in mind at the same time, you know that this course cannot take longer than a few days before Luke himself leaves.

And yet, in this super short time, he has become a real Jedi who almost manages to defeat Vader – a «professionally» trained ex-Jedi and now a proven Sith Lord – without (as far as we know) ever enjoying one right lightsaber fight lesson. Is it Vader’s age? The fact that he rarely has to deal with other lightsabers? Anyway: Luke, as a Jedi apprentice in the first year of training, is more powerful than he should be credibly – but he is there nothing at all against Rey.

Rey, the born lightsaber fighter

As soon as Rey appears on the scene in Episode VII, she becomes (for now) the only fighter on the good side of the Force – and what a fighter! In fact, she is so blatant that she already has Kylo Ren, a Skywalker sprout, in her very first Lightsaber fight shows where the hammer hangs. And this despite the fact that Kylo regularly – unlike his grandfather Vader, who preferred to choke everyone – wielded his lightsaber through numerous war zones and definitely knew what he was doing. After all, he had been instructed personally by Luke beforehand. But Rey?

In episode VIII she finally got a little Luke training herself – but not enough to justify her subsequent bombastic lightsaber fight in Snoke’s throne room. And how the hell could Rey actually communicate with Wookiees if she had never left Jakku 1) before and 2) never intended to do so?

Anakin = Jesus?

Finally, a real excitement: the spongy explanation for Anakin’s existence. Because, according to his mother Shmi, Anakin was not created by an earthly (or galactic) being, but came from an immaculate conception. Yikes! Something rings – because we know this story from the biggest bestseller all time: the Bible. And in fact there are a few parallels that cannot be disputed, because Anakin takes a few years to live out his Messiah status, but ultimately saves the world.

Qui-Gon’s theory of Anakin’s sudden appearance in Shmi’s womb is (for Jedi standards) simple: The boy may have been conceived by the Midichlorians, the power itself. This almost divine conjecture, it seems, is never scrutinized in the Jedi order, and Anakin dies as Darth Vader for several decades without ever having found out how he came into this world. And most of the fans are just as dissatisfied as he was probably with it: Probably the greatest riddle that "Star Wars" ever confronted us with will probably never be solved.

We still want to offer you a solution: Do you remember Anakin’s conversation with Chancellor Palpatine in Episode III, in which the latter tells him about Darth Plagueis, who supposedly manipulated power in such a way that he controlled the origin and end of life? Then there is at least the assumption that a keen Sith lord like him certainly had one or the other guinea pig. So who says Shmi wasn’t one of them.

And then there are a few gaps in the action that are actually not.

A small service on our part: We can answer some questions that you might ask yourself as a “Star Wars” fan.

Eh. Keep talking.

How could Poe escape from Jakku?

The answer to this riddle can be found in the written version of Episode VII: Like Finn, he was thrown out of the ship by the impact on Jakku and passed out. After he woke up, it didn’t take long for a scrap collector named Naka to take him to the next spaceport, from where Poe went to Yavin IV and the next best X-Wing.

Who the hell is Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas?

The Jedi Master mentioned in Episode II is said to have commissioned the infamous clone army – but who is the guy? Well, actually his back story should be told in Episode III; however, the film’s anakin focus superseded this subplot, and Sifo-Dyas "only" made it into the "Star Wars – The Clone Wars" series, where one episode explained that Sifo-Dyas after the events in Episode I suspected that the Sith would threaten the republic. However, the Jedi Council was against the measures he proposed – so he secretly took matters into his own hands.

How did Luke escape Hoth despite the imperial blockade in Episode V??

In the second part of the original trilogy, Luke makes his way to Dagobah – and somehow manages to circumvent the blockade that the empire has built over the rebel planet. Han, Leia and Chewie are less fortunate shortly thereafter and chase the enemy. How so? Because the Millennium Falcon has a damaged hyperdrive – whereas Luke’s X-Wing (which is also much smaller) works 1A.


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