Student jobs: part-time jobs for minors, employment law 2020

Student jobs: What jobs are there for 16-year-old students?

Student jobs are not only helpful to your own pocket money touch up, but also serve as perfect preparation to the later professional life.

Write an application for the student job, one employment contract sign, experience everyday work and for the hard work salary to get – all of this awaits today’s students in the future. Since work is an important part of a person’s life, empathy with that can work life can’t be started early enough. However, there is also border, because that Youth employment law (JArbSchG) prescribes exactly this, how long and where exactly may be worked.

Children and teenagers can also work in school jobs experience collect with whom they do not come into contact at school. responsibility take over with people different age groups work together and independently Executing work instructions from the boss – jobs for schoolchildren not only serve as preparation for professional life, but also help them develop personally further.

But what are at all suitable temporary jobs for students? Which Working and break times must be complied with? How do I find a part-time job as a student?

Pupil jobs: What does the Youth Protection Act say?

The general rule is that school-age Children and young people are allowed to work outside of school. Since school and free time of the child should not be neglected or even neglected despite the student job, there are strict regulations in this regard regulations. The health and development of an adolescent should always be in the foreground. The Youth employment law (JArbSchG) prohibits it Children under 13 years, to enter into an employment relationship. Under § 5 of the JArbSchG stipulates that exclusively Children and adolescents, who are older than 13 years are allowed to work.

It also regulates, how many hours may be worked and which break times are to be observed and what activities from children not exercised may be. The custodians must also be in the employment relationship comply.

School jobs for children aged 13 and 14

Babysitter jobs for students are particularly popular.

Once a child 13 it has the right to one student job exercise. If your child has decided to do so, you should sit down with them to complete the project to plan and about to advise, what job for your child at all suitable would.

It is important that the children in the age through the student part-time job not overwhelmed will you fun have and school included homework Not neglected become. Should you notice that your child stressed out is that teaching material can no longer follow or run out of time for friends or Hobbies it may be a little early and your child is not ready for it working world.

Children of this age are allowed to do school jobs no more than two hours exercise daily. It also applies that before 8 o’clock, in front of the school, and after 6 p.m. not allowed to work. In addition, students of this age are not allowed to work in temporary jobs where they work dangerous activities would have to exercise or with dangerous substances would come into contact or heavy loads would have to wear.

Suitable student jobs for 13 and 14 year olds

  • gardening: Older people in particular need help mowing the lawn and weeding. Nature-loving students get their money’s worth with this temporary job.
  • Deliver brochures / newspapers: Delivering brochures from supermarkets and discounters or local newspapers is a popular student job. The children are in the fresh air and can freely organize their working hours.
  • Babysitting: Taking care of children whose parents work during the day is especially fun for students who like to have children around them and who know how to keep them busy.
  • Pet Sitting: Walking dogs, feeding animals and cleaning the cage – for animal lovers this could be the right part-time job for schoolchildren.
  • give tutoring: Even at a young age there are poor students who can benefit from the help of children of about the same age.

Student jobs for young people aged 15, 16 and 17

Especially in the School holidays young people have time to take on a temporary job and are therefore increasingly looking for suitable school jobs. During the holiday season, however, only for a maximum of four weeks a year be worked. Students aged 15 and over are allowed here between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. at most five days work a week. In the schooldays apply however with regard to working hours the same rules as for under 15 year olds.

For part-time jobs for students from 15, 16 or 17 care must be taken to ensure that the young people here no work execute that with noise, recurrent heat or cold or with hazardous substances have to do.

Suitable student jobs from 15, 16 and 17

Waiting is a popular part-time job for students aged 16 and over.

Even if many jobs for schoolchildren are only from 16 advertised because adolescents at this age are often a bit more responsibility bring along, in addition to the above activities for 13- and 14-year-olds from adolescents from 15 years and others student Jobs be accepted:

  • Retail sales (in boutiques, drug stores, etc.)
  • Help in bakeries or ice cream shops
  • wait on tables
  • Shelf filler (e.g. in supermarkets)
  • Erntehelfer

How can I find a student job?

There are some options, for one suitable Find student job:

  • Look out for notices: Pupils in school or other public institutions usually draw attention to this.
  • Look around in the circle of friends: Have relatives or friends The parents for example, your own company the child start working there without an application process and would even be there under the supervision of a friend.
  • Inquire or call the shops at the cash register or the information desk: Shops are often on the search after temporary workers.
  • Post a notice or hand out a leaflet (For example, when babysitting or gardening): A notice can be made in the supermarket, for example. Leaflets can be distributed in the neighborhood, for example.

It is important that you do the project with your child discuss and also about possible disadvantage inform about the start of a temporary job. It should also be clarified in advance how the lanes can be completed, which days are particularly suitable for working and when time for Hobbies, friends and homework remains.


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