The best computer games for five year olds

Parents are often reluctant to let their children play computers, especially when they are very young. Many game sites have been created, however, that are fun for kids and parents as well as approved. Filled with educational games, these sites teach letter tones and phonics for early reading, basic math skills, pattern recognition, website word vocabulary and logic. To complement what is learned in kindergarten or at home, these games give children a good foundation for these primary skills.


Using a systematic phonics approach, Starfall teaches phonemic awareness in a way that is entertaining for a five-year-old. Bright graphics are combined with fun songs and sounds, practicing phonemic awareness to make a game rather than a chore. In the ABCs section, children can click to hear each letter, letter sound, and multiple words that begin with that letter. A short animation or song accompanies each letter in memory of the letter aid. The Learn to Read section of simple readers contains books that focus on specific phonemes. Children can also practice these letter combinations as they cause words by choosing the correct letter. Many other games and activities are geared towards the site, all fun to read.

PBS kids

With characters from theirs favourite-Caricatures, the PBS Kids website has letter games, such as Lickety Letter, Bingo Puppy Letters, and rhymed games in Nick of Rhyme and Rhyming Match-Up. Location is easily navigated and games can be selected by theme or from PBS map. Weather games, puzzles and adventure games can be played along with matching and pattern games. Various music games teach early music skills such as pattern awareness. Comics and games such as Word Transformer and Power Words Reading Skills and Website Prediction Reading.

Primary games

Divided by academic concerns, this place offers games that students will jump into as soon as they start school. The social studies section contains games that teach children how to read maps and teach them 50 states. Math games include basic forms and learn logic easy Calculations. Science games teach about Animals and Habitats, fight against germs and dinosaurs. Letter and word games are in the art language area.

Fun brain

The games on the Fun Brain website are divided into four sections. Blitz-Arkaden contains games that learn to read and math, web books and comics provide fun reading material, classic Funbrain is full of math, grammar and science games and a film section links to one side of family entertainment with activities for the whole family. The Mad Libs Junior section is a fun way for children to learn different grammar and differentiate between word forms and uses.


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