Tick ​​vaccination – costs, effects, side effects

At the beginning of the warm season, everyone is talking again: the tick vaccination. Unfortunately, however, there are still some myths and misconceptions about this immunization, its effects and side effects.

What can the tick vaccination really do??

Even the name of the tick vaccination is misleading, because it neither prevents tick bites, nor does it work against all potentially transmitted diseases. In fact, the remedy is protection against a single disease: early summer meningoencephalitis, or TBE for short. This consists of killed viruses, through which the body itself forms antibodies.
On the other hand, vaccination is powerless against Lyme disease, typhus, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis and the other over 50 diseases that can be transmitted by a tick bite.

When does the tick vaccination make sense??

Despite frequent stays in the open air, dogs and cats living in the household and constant walks through tall grass, has there never been a tick bite? Then the TBE vaccination is not really useful. The situation is different in the following cases:

  • Tick ​​bites have occurred more often and despite precautions
  • A vacation in a risk area is planned
  • A change suddenly leads to increased stays in tick-rich and endangered areas

Vaccination should also be considered if you belong to immunocompromised groups. It is particularly advisable for all people who, due to their age and gender, can expect a severe course of TBE. This primarily includes older men, as they show symptoms much more often and with considerably stronger symptoms. The reason for this caution and the concerns about immunization are their possible side effects, which can occur here as well as with other vaccinations.

Should I have my child vaccinated against TBE?

The tick vaccination is usually not given to children under 6 years of age. The reason for this is that even with an infection, these usually show only very weak symptoms. Vaccine damage can also be significantly more difficult for them.

What side effects can the tick vaccination have??

As already mentioned, the tick vaccination is not free from dangers and side effects.

  • Local pain and swelling
  • fever
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • paralysis
  • Pain
  • Partly irreparable damage to the neurological system up to death

Modern vaccines have significantly fewer serious side effects and deaths. As with any other vaccination, vaccine damage cannot be ruled out. It is therefore important to weigh up whether TBE immunization is really necessary.

What are the costs and expenses for TBE vaccination??

Depending on the chosen scheme, TBE vaccination is given in two or three doses of the agent. Up to three visits to the doctor must therefore be scheduled. The second vaccination is given one to three months after the first dose. The eventual third vaccination takes place up to a year later. Only then is long-term protection against TBE established.

The cost of this is usually borne by the health insurance company, especially if it concerns residents of risk areas. Even on vacation or to travel In such an area, the costs are mostly borne by the health insurance company. In advance, however, should be inquired at the cash desk. The cost of self-financing the vaccination depends on the price of the chosen agent and the additional costs for the doctor. Approximately EUR 60.00 per vaccination date should be expected. However, only the doctor himself can provide detailed information.

How long does the vaccination protection last??

When vaccinated with a total of three doses of the vaccine, there is immunity for three to five years. When a repetition is recommended, depends on the chosen means and the information of the doctor.

Is there a possibility of short-term immunization against TBE?

If vaccination protection is necessary at short notice, so-called rapid immunization can take place. However, this also takes one to two months and two to three doses of the vaccine. According to this scheme, protection against TBE is built up faster, but it does not last long. Protection needs to be refreshed as early as one to one and a half years after the initial immunization.

A vaccination against ticks is not always necessary and should be due to the possible side effects and vaccine damage are also not unfounded. In risk areas, however, it is a reliable protection against TBE and therefore makes sense – especially for groups of people at risk and for people who have to expect a severe course of the disease.

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