Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world, the best top 10

For picture of the faithful and reliable helpers, person entrenches dogs. However, not all dogs are alot secure for the environment. Some due to psychological functions, large and not always correct training may not matter or specifically attack or even kill people causing serious injuries. Meet them the ten most dangerous dog breeds in the world, which are ranked according to the number of people attacked in America and Europe in recent years.

10. Great Dane

Danes largest dog breeds in the world, with very aggressive and have a very good natured character, which are usually not accessible to provocations. These dogs are dangerous especially for their enormous size and are not always able to adequately assess their strength. Great Danes can knock an adult’s leg lightly, not to mention the children.

Though Chao Chow look very cute, furry boys like dogs, but strangers shouldn’t approach them unless you are near the owners, so as not to be under violent attack. These dogs were bred to hunt and help the shepherds, have very strong possessive properties and only recognize his family, barely enduring the presence of familiar people, provided that they do not climb them.

8. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute sled dogs are very intelligent, very friendly towards others. However, if we cross a certain border, it can become very dangerous and cause harm to people. Remarkable courage Mobil animals, born hunters, constantly attack small animals, and if there are dogs of other breeds, be sure to become leader of the "pack".

Huskies are very energetic and intelligent dogs that are used to living in the rough northern latitudes from the large crowds, which are usually very poorly socialized. They are very difficult to educate and train, so this breed of dog is not recommended to start a beginner dog breeder.

Bullmastiff externally quite calm and balanced giants, the weight can range from which to 60 kg. They were taken in England, for the protection of large goods, to attempt to impart explosive, aggressive character. Bullmastiff often rushes to people in the event of violation of the protected area or strangers’ danger from family members. It can also cause damage during play, not the force or accidental tearing down of a child or an elderly person.

As you probably realized from the name, sobakovolkov derived by crossing the wolf and the domestic dog. They are completely unpredictable, sometimes very aggressive like this wild animal. In general, it is recommended to keep away from people far from the city.

Doberman Pinscher fearless, powerful dogs that distinguish very dedicated owners from outstanding intellect that look real aristocracy among the other dogs. This is the dedication to the family playing a cruel joke with them, in the case of potentially dangerous to the hosts, they can rush people or other dogs to show all their excellent fighting qualities (anger, addiction and aggressiveness). While we’re paying tribute, Dobermans are rushing to other dogs much more often than people have to.

Rottweiler fairly large stout dog breed, dedicated hosts who don’t like strangers. Today they are primarily used as guard and police dogs, and some half a century ago they were used as herding dogs for moving cattle. Rottweilers with the right upbringing is very docile and nice dogs are very dedicated to the family. However, with poor education and poor socialization, it becomes very dangerous for people, especially children. Rottweilers annually drop in news feeds, like dogs, that attacked and bitten people.

2. German Shepherd Dog

German shepherds are quite tall, very smart and quite independent of the dog. They were originally taken as sheepdogs to protect herds of animals, and are now no longer used as guard dogs in police and army units, protecting areas of protection and as search dogs. Although German Shepherds are very playful animals that are good for humans, a wild animal on the go can be a sharp curve of cute pets on humans. Poorly trained sheepdogs are dangerous not only for others, but also for their owners.

1. The American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier dogs are very strong, very aggressive in nature, they do not know the feeling of fear. If they feel that they are being questioned or lose something, they show unjustified aggression and plunge just to bite the attack on the perpetrator. These dogs often attack children, the elderly and even the owners who stood in front of them on the way, responsible for more accidents than any other breed of dog.

Pit bull terriers were bred for dog fights, but also as they sometimes hunt bulls and bears for hunting. Some countries have laws prohibiting these dogs from keeping at home. However, it should be noted that if the owners are familiar with the nature of a pet, the Pit Bull Terrier can become all of your favorite family members.


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