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US President Donald Trump closes down Scots on Tuesday in response to opposition requests in the Ukraine affair, saying the White House will not cooperate.

In the Ukraine affair, US President Donald Trump is now attempting a total blockade: the White House categorically refuses any cooperation with Congress on testimonies or the publication of documents.

This was announced by the government headquarters in Washington on Tuesday evening (local time). The Democrats’ preliminary investigations into a possible impeachment trial against Trump were motivated solely by party politics, violated the constitution and lacked any basis, according to a letter from the White House to the US House of Representatives. It lacks any “legitimate constitutional basis”, does not even give the appearance of fairness and lacks important constitutional principles. The US government would therefore not participate in this “party-political theatre”.

Truth under the guise?

The US Democrats immediately sharply criticised the White House’s announcement to refuse any cooperation in the investigation into the Ukraine affair over President Donald Trump. Democratic leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi spoke Tuesday (local time) of an “unlawful attempt” to keep the truth under wraps. It should be concealed that the Trump government put pressure on other countries to influence the US elections in 2020.

“Mr. President, you’re not above the law. You will be held accountable,” she wrote on Twitter. The President’s actions threatened national security, violated the Constitution and undermined the integrity of the elections. “The White House letter is only the last attempt to cover up his (Trumps’) betrayal of our democracy and insist that the President is above the law.

In the House of Representatives, where they hold the majority, the Democrats are doing all they can to investigate any impeachment proceedings against the Republican president. Trump is accused of having abused the power of his office to have a foreign government interfere in his favor in the election campaign.

Leveraging Ukraine

Trump had encouraged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a telephone call at the end of July. Biden is competing for the Democratic presidential candidacy in the 2020 election, which Trump is also running for. The content of the interview with Selenskyj came to the public after an anonymous secret service employee filed a complaint with an internal control body. According to the Democrats, Trump used temporarily blocked military aid to Ukraine as a means of exerting pressure on the issue.

In recent weeks, the Democrats have requested numerous documents under penalty order – including from the White House, the Foreign Ministry, the Vice President and the Ministry of Defense. Only on Tuesday did the Trump government block the testimony of a top diplomat before Congress, which provoked outrage among Democrats. It was a foretaste of the White House’s later all-out blow.

Complete stop

With the letter to the House of Representatives, the central government is now making it clear that it does not intend to release any documents at all or admit testimonies at all in the Ukraine affair. A high-ranking government representative spoke of a “complete stop” in cooperation with the investigating committees in the US House of Representatives. No government employees would testify, no documents would be handed over – not even with a so-called subpoena, i.e. under threat of punishment.

The White House has repeatedly prevented individual testimonies or withheld documents during previous investigations against the president and his environment – for example in the Russia affair or with a view to Trump’s finances. But this announcement has a new dimension: it is a categorical no to all previous and future inquiries from the Congress Chamber in the Ukraine affair, a complete blockade and all-round refusal. The New York Times speaks of a “declaration of war” by the president against the impeachment investigations in the House of Representatives.

The investigations would have the sole aim of subsequently contesting Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, it continues. There is no basis for the accusations against Trump in the Ukraine. The telephone conversation with Selenskyj was absolutely appropriate. The White House called on the House of Representatives to abandon the proceedings and warned: “The president has a country to lead.

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