Why poor people can have children, yahoo clever

There are so many bans in Germany (for example the ban on overtaking on the right on the motorway), why is there not also a ban on poor people having children?

It upsets me that there are children who have such crappy parents that they are not even able to bring the children decent food. Some children have to go to facilities such as the Ark to get a warm meal every day, to help them with their homework, and to just deal with them.

Why the hell don’t parents do it? They don’t do any work anyway, so they have enough time! Why don’t they cook their children, why don’t they spend their time with them? Why are DIE allowed to have children at all??

Of course, there is a difference between this antisocial pack and normal ones "poor people", who are just poor, but otherwise quite ok. But why do people afford children, or more likely, why can people afford children if their financial means are not enable? I also can’t buy a Ferrari if I can’t pay for it. And I have no desire to care for the children of strangers.

Yes, but why? Why isn’t that forbidden to them??

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Why will "stupid" irresponsible people not forbidden to have children?

If I now cleverly read these ideas from the youth welfare office of this Yasmin Scholz alias Thomas, Salih, Jens, Andrea, who have at least the 5th child, luckily everyone comes to good families, but always wants to flee somewhere my hat up!

Normally everyone should do what they want, but you should be able to prevent something like that because the children are the victims!

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The poor are allowed to have children as well as people who stick broken glass to the buttons in the elevator and want to tip the garbage outside the door;)

Why is that not forbidden??

Ever heard of HUMAN RIGHTS? Would you be thrilled if you were forbidden to have children because you were not rich??

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Because it is part of human rights, that it is not prescribed or prohibited.

There has been something like this here in Germany – right up to forced sterilization.

And no, I don’t want the Third Reich back.

And – bad parents are not primarily those who have little money – neglect their children, they to leave alone and mistreatment also do people with a lot of money.

There seems to be a lot of prejudice in your head – at least this question suggests.

Personally, in my work in kindergarten and also privately, I have the impression that many people with little money are more likely to refuse to eat properly than to let their children miss out – while I do "rich" People know their children in front of the television and the oh-so expensive computer with the make great clothes etc. acidify and if the child needs attention, simply hire a tutor, babysitter or in extreme cases even psychologists, simply because they never have time themselves.

Sorry, but I think you should rethink some of your prejudices.

It would be some of these "wealthy" Children walk better if they would also go to facilities like the ark – because then they don’t have to eat alone at home because their parents are never really there for them – despite all the luxury.

Why won’t some parents who have been proven to treat their children badly? "forbidden" would be a more appropriate question in my eyes – but you didn’t ask it.

And even this I would consider critical – one "ban" would be a violation of human rights. I rather ask myself: Why are parents who are overwhelmed with their children left so very alone – why are there no longer large families to take them in today??

I think that’s a social problem on the "Individualist religion" that exists today – is based on isolation.

If a mother, who was overwhelmed by herself, had a lot of helping hands around her, it would not have such a bad effect on the child – prohibitions do not help – but you might want to consider volunteering to help a family in the neighborhood – with babysitting, for example.

In Germany, one is generally for "Forbidden. " – as an easy solution.

But there is no easy solution in this case – because you don’t see parents who will be overwhelmed at the tip of the nose that they will be – especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with the financial situation. this exacerbates any problems, but it is not the cause.

But I find it very alarming that with you (and many others) the poor are once again the ones who are "out of traffic" should pull in terms of child wars – you would then also be for forced sterilizations a la Nazi era, or.

So far you have always seemed very reasonable to me – so I can hardly imagine that. It should make you think about something "ban" should be regulated.

It’s a good thing that we no longer have this.

"I also can’t buy a Ferrari if I can’t pay for it. And I have no desire to care for the children of strangers."

The sentence looks deep. So you compare the purchase of a car with that of a child. As if you were consuming a child, buying it for personal enjoyment. this is just a shake of the head for me.

And: I personally like to come for these children "strange people" on.

Somehow I think your settings speak for the whole "Consumerism and individualism"-Attitude that causes so many problems today. Sorry, I have the impression after these sentences.


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