Yoga holidays in the Allgäu with the whole family

This summer I spent my first yoga holiday in the Allgäu. By chance I stumbled across the offer in the magazine Yoga and found the idea great: a yoga trip in the Allgäu for the whole family.

Großer Alpsee near Immenstadt in the Allgäu

The landscape of the Allgäu is really beautiful. There you can combine relaxation with an active holiday and at the same time have great offers for children on site. Our small apartment was right on the lake with a great view of the large Alpsee and the beautiful mountain landscape. That was the view from our balcony:

Our view of the large Alpsee and the mini golf course

We have in August spent a week in Bühl am See near Immenstadt and were lucky that we had wonderful weather. So we could not only enjoy the view over the lake, but it was also warm enough to go swimming there. In the village there is also a beautiful beach and a larger outdoor pool.

Daily routine yoga holidays

So that you can get a more precise idea of ​​such a yoga holiday, here is a possible daily schedule:

  • 8.15-9.30 a.m .: Yoga for adults, at the same time children’s breakfast & childcare
  • 9.30-10.15 a.m .: Children’s yoga
  • during this time the parents can enjoy their breakfast in peace
  • then: all day time for your own activities such as playing, swimming or hiking
  • 5.45 – 6.30 p.m .: Prana Qi Gong for adults, while the children are on the jetty for the children’s fairy tale lesson
  • afterwards: dinner together and afterwards children’s cinema

The great thing about the program is that the children do not have to be bored while eating, but rather eat together with the other children at the children’s table and then play together. And the parents can enjoy a quiet evening meal. It worked really well.

Our 2 year old son was thrilled to watch the ducks and swans in the large Alpsee. He liked the swan family best:

But he was also impressed by the large garden with lots of great play equipment:

There is a huge children’s playground right next to the apartment house at Landhaus Alger, which is of course very practical for families. There is just everything a child’s heart desires on the playground: from swings, a slide, sandpit, water pump and water landscape to a pirate adventure playground that also entices creative play for the big children with a great pirate ship. Is on the pirate playground Action hip, trendy, popular!

Food and drink were also very well taken care of during the yoga holiday. The kitchen fairy Patty enchanted us every evening with a 3-course vegetarian menu, which also tasted good to non-vegetarians. My favorite was the Mousse au Chocolat based on her French grandmother’s recipe. It was dear Patty who baked a cake especially for my husband’s birthday.

At breakfast together my husband was surprised that the whole group sang “Happy Birthday” and that he was allowed to blow out the candles. We were really happy about the attention! Thank you again &# 128578;

The dates for this year are unfortunately already over, because they were during the Pentecost and summer holidays. If you are interested in the yoga vacation, it is best to ask Tonia Alger directly when the family yoga vacation is planned for the next year 2013.

My conclusion:

A great vacation, lovingly designed and in a family atmosphere! Best suited for families or a parent with children at the age of 5-11 years, so that the child can also participate in children’s yoga. The mothers, who spent their holidays there with their daughters, especially liked it! All participants agreed: Yoga holidays in the country house Alger: anytime again and maybe one or the other will meet again next year in the Allgäu …


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